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.:Monday, April 25, 2005:.
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.:Friday, April 15, 2005:.
::Astrologically the correspondence is perfect, live psychic free tarots and so thinly disguised as to need no explanation. Such are the divine, spiritual principles live psychic astrology learning basic principles upon which the higher alchemy of life is based. Cloudy skies are live psychic astrologieprogramma rare and rainstorms few. This sublime book of wisdom was written by God himself, to convey to his live psychic capricorne children the knowledge of his powers, attributes, and relation to all creative life. Man, being a microcosm, or a miniature universe, must sustain that universe, by taking live psychic daily astrological aspects into the system the various elements, which combine to make up the infinite universe of God. Mars is externally represented as live psychic birth signs gemini pictures a fierce warrior, awful to behold. In the end, however, live psychic free yearly horoscope ignorance must give way to light. When each individual of a vast population, such as that of Mars, is actuated and guided by the live psychic free astrological compatibility charts light within there is no need for a horde of political parasites to direct the destinies of the race. See also Psychic Readings::

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.:Saturday, September 11, 2004:.
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.:Wednesday, August 11, 2004:.
::Heres some info from a GREAT EBOOK on WICCA

Wicca (a branch of Witchcraft) is feared by so many and understood by
few. My e-book shows what Wicca is and helps to dispel the out-dated image of
Witches and Witchcraft.

Wicca is NOT Satanism and does NOT involve Devil
worship. Satan belongs to the Christians; they created him - NOT Wiccans or
Witches. Wicca Info

Wicca is the kindest and gentlest of belief systems. It
does not believe in hierarchies of deities or of humans over other life forms.
It preserves and blesses life at all times.

Wicca teaches compassion for
ALL living things. According to experiments, true and unconditional compassion
creates the highest mental state achievable by humankind.

Wicca never
tries to convert, never caused any wars - of how many other religions can you
say this? But up to half a million people died during the "Burning Times" (1450
- 1750) for being "Witches."

Wicca fulfils a need within us to
acknowledge where we came from and where we will go after death – humans need to
be convinced of survival after death for peace of mind.

Wicca also
teaches how to look at the world in a different and better light, how to go with
the flow instead of pushing against closed doors. Our lives are very brief and
very precious, but many people just stumble through without really seeing the
world around them or ever appreciating what a fabulous thing it is to live.

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.:Monday, August 09, 2004:.
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.:Sunday, August 08, 2004:.

Taken from a great psychic phenomena website Psychic World.net
The subject of psychic phenomena and the paranormal comes complete with extensive esoteric terms of reference. This terminology may seem confusing to the uninitiated, but it need not be so. A basic understanding of the seemingly obscure terms used will permit even the newest novice to enjoy exploring the many mysteries of this psychic world in which we live. To facilitate our guests in their search for understanding we here PsychicWorld.net have collated a reasonably comprehensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of psychic studies. This A-Z of the paranormal offers you easy to understand explanations for even the most complicated of concepts. There may be more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy, but that is no reason for not seeking knowledge. Please read and enjoy.


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.:Saturday, August 07, 2004:.
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